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    What is an AI Chatbot?

    Chatbots are machines that converse with humans via audio or text.

    And AI chatbots are smarter versions of these chatbots. They use machine learning and natural language processing to understand human intent better.

    AI chatbots provide more natural communication with humans.

    What is more, you ask?

    AI chatbots are trainable and, over time, learn and improve communication with your target audience.

    How does this work?

    For every interaction they have with the audience, they become smarter. The bots also become better and more efficient at task completion.

    AI chatbots are available 24/7 and can handle conversations with multiple customers at once.

    How Can You Make an AI Chatbot?

    Before you can build a bot, there are several things you need to understand:

    What problem are you trying to solve?
    What platform will your chatbot reside on?
    What server setup will your bot run on?

    Understanding your goal, the bot objectives, and how you will handle input will help ensure that you get a good chatbot. It also safeguards you against unforeseen situations.

    Designing the conversational flow with these factors in mind gives your chatbot a human outlook.

    What is more?

    Chatbot interactions are either structured or unstructured:

    Structured interactions are more about how information logically flows.
    Unstructured interactions include freestyle plain text like that used while chatting with friends and family. The former can consist of choices, menus, or forms.


    Determine the tone and personality of the chatbot based on your business. Focus on ensuring consistency with your brand voice. Include a human element to hold comfortable and fluent conversations. Your scripting data should reflect your target audience. The success of the conversation design will depend on the context and user intent.

    It will also depend on entities and dialogs. These are words or expressions that determine response and the conversation structure.

    Are you a coder?

    The choice of the platform to build your bot will depend on whether you can code or not. There are both types of platforms available, the ones that require coding knowledge and the ones that do not. So, you can take your pick based on your coding skills.

    One more thing:

    Continuously test the chatbot to ensure that it fits the purpose and helps you achieve your goals.

    How Can You Choose the Best AI Chatbot for Your Needs?

    Not all AI chatbots will meet your specific requirements while saving you on cost and labor.

    So, what should you look for when choosing the right AI chatbot for your business?


    It should absorb knowledge from the organization without requiring manual teaching. Some of these organizational knowledge bases include your chat logs, CRM data, and emails. This kind of chatbot learns dynamically and rapidly as employees and customers communicate.


    Choose a platform that can break down complex entities and intents. It should also understand the unique enterprise language and terms. Intelligent chatbots break down complex language and efficiently execute even complex tasks.


    It should have a behavior engine, dialog manager, and natural language understanding (NLU) service tools.

    What is NLU?

    NLU allows the chatbot to understand and respond to communication effectively with customers.

    With it, the chatbot can keep the conversation going by detecting sentiments. They can also predict customer questions, provide facts, and clarify information.

    For example, asking customers, “did you mean this or something else?”

    Back to the deploying factor: the chatbot should take less than two months to set up and deploy. It should also meet user expectations and requirements within the shortest time.